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David Pierpoint Interview

David Pierpoint Interview


David Pierpoint Interview

CEO of Premera Group LLC / Author of Build A World-Class Practice

Alexander Davis:  Today I have the pleasure to be talking with David Pierpoint. David is a successful business consultant and information product marketer, and he’s the author of two books, titled “Build A World-Class Practice” and “The Four Keys To Financial Freedom.” David is also the founder of “The Six-Figure Consultant” program, which is a training and coaching system for independent business consultants around the world. So, welcome, David.

David Pierpoint:  It’s my pleasure.  Thanks for having me.

Alexander:  Sounds good. Let’s get started. My question for you today is, what is your favorite marketing strategy or tactic that’s working really well for you or your clients right now?

David:  Well, there are dozens of different marketing strategies that may work better or worse, depending on the market they’re used in – or depending on what type of product or service is being sold.  So, a specific strategy that works really well in one area may completely bomb in another. I think that’s important to remember when we’re talking about what is or isn’t working.

But, to answer your question, there is a strategy that does have a strong track record in a variety of markets. And I would say that any business that’s doing less than $100 million a year in revenue should be using this strategy as the foundation of its marketing system.

It’s a strategy that I call Direct Response Endorsed Promotion – and it’s really a combination of the most effective marketing strategies that seem to be working really well right now.

Alexander:  That sounds interesting. How does it work?

David:  Well, before I go over the details of how we use the strategy, let me tell you why I think it’s so effective. Then when we get into the details, it might help each step make more sense.

Alexander:  OK – sounds good.

David:  So, anyone who’s been in business for very long, or done any real marketing or promotion work, knows that two of the biggest hurdles you have to get past when you’re trying to sell something, are getting your prospective customer’s attention – and gaining some amount of trust. Because, if they don’t trust you, they’re not going to give you their money.

But before trust even becomes an issue, you have to get their attention. And in today’s world, getting a prospect’s attention is a huge hurdle. People are bombarded with marketing and advertising messages everywhere they go – so they tune most of it out. It’s just a natural response to dealing with all of the noise. So, until you actually get someone’s attention – hopefully in a positive way – you’re not really even in a position to sell them something.

Now, once you do have their attention, with some sort of offer or marketing message, you have to gain their trust if you want them to buy something from you. Because, even if you have a really fabulous product or service, if they don’t trust you, they’re not going to give you their money. People are so afraid of being scammed or making a mistake with their money, that you have to build some basic level of trust with them before asking them to buy anything.

So those are two of the biggest hurdles that you have to get past if you want to be an effective marketer – and the direct response endorsed promotion strategy does a great job of breaking through and dealing with both of them.  That’s why I think it’s so effective.

Alexander:  OK. So, can you tell me more about the strategy and how it works?

David:  Sure. I just wanted to go over the two key problems that this strategy is designed to overcome first.  So, this strategy has five key steps – or elements – that are really important. I’ll just go over each one and share how they work.

The first element of this strategy deals with the attention part, which is what I just shared about. This whole strategy is based on partnering with other businesses or organizations who already have customers or contacts in your target market.

Getting the attention of a new customer is really, really expensive, so it makes more sense to leverage the attention that someone else already has with that customer. So, in this case, you’re identifying partners who you don’t compete directly with in your market, but who serve the same customers in your market.

Then, once you’ve identified those potential partners, you want to find a win-win opportunity to work with them in offering your products or services to their customers or contacts. If you do your homework, and have a reputable business, there’s almost always a way to find a win-win opportunity – and actually, it’s really a win-win-win opportunity, because their customers are also benefiting by learning about, or being offered a product or service that can really help them or they might enjoy.

So, again, the reason this is so powerful is that you can get exposure to literally thousands, or tens of thousands, of prospective customers by leveraging the attention someone else already has in your market. So, rather than trying to get attention one new person at a time, or spending millions on a huge advertising campaign, you can just build on your partner’s attention.

Now, some businesses are afraid of these types of partnerships, because they want to protect their customer lists or think they’ll lose business somehow. But the reality is that in today’s super-competitive marketplace, where customers can go online and find hundreds of different offers, it actually makes more sense to build strong partnerships with other businesses that serve similar target markets – and then grow and develop those partnerships to create a strong network that serves that market.

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