Andrea Lee Interview

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Andrea J Lee Interview

CEO of Thought Partners International

David Pierpoint:  Today I have the pleasure to be talking with Andrea Lee. Andrea is the CEO of Thought Partners International, founder of “The Wealthy Thought Leader”, and author of several books. Andrea is a visionary business and life coach who guides exceptional clients to the success they seek, while championing them to become more and more uniquely themselves. So, welcome, Andrea.

Andrea Lee:  Thank you. Glad to be here, David.

David:  Well, let’s just jump right in. My question for you today is, what’s your favorite marketing strategy or tactic that’s working really well for you or your clients right now?

Andrea:  You know, this is such a powerful question. It challenged me to really come up with a great, succinct answer. I think I could answer it tactically by saying: focusing on having amazing content is really important. I would also say that viral movies online are doing really well for us right now. But I think the bigger picture answer, strategically, is something that Seth Godin teaches that I find is head and shoulders above everything else that we’re doing. It is really our secret sauce.

That is instead of pursuing customers for products that we are creating – so creating something first and then looking for customers – we have really shifted to listening, watching, and putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers and creating products specifically for them.

David:  Interesting. Can you share a little more about that?

Andrea:  It’s a fundamental shift in the way that we’re looking at how we build out our new income streams and launch our new offerings. Instead of trying to create something in a vacuum and then going out and saying, “Hey, we’ve got this new thing. Would you be interested in it?” We’re doing it the other way around and finding it quite, quite productive for us.

David:  Got it. So if I hear you right, it sounds like rather than creating a product and then finding a way to sell it or market it, you’re actually trying to step into your end customer’s shoes, identify what their needs are, and then work backwards to identify what you can offer to help them with that. Is that a fair explanation?

Andrea:  That is exactly right! And hands down, that has caused us to re-think so many things in our business. The way that we do market research. The way that we do launches. Instead of creating a full-blown launch, for example, where we’d say, “OK. This is exactly what our product is. This is our price point. This is how we’ll launch it in sequence. This is our early bird price.” And so on. All sort of immaculately conceived and controlled – we’ve actually stopped doing that.

We’re very much more into crowd sourcing, into beta launches, into doing some R & D with our community, and in some cases even inviting our community to tell us what the value of our products are.

David:  That’s pretty cool. Let’s see if I understand correctly. So, by taking that approach, you definitely have to identify who your community is, and who your customers are, and what your market is, if you’re going to base your product and your services around that. Right?

Andrea:  Right. So this strategy might be a bit more of an advanced strategy for someone who is just starting out. I think what I mentioned at the start of the interview was about having something amazing to say first. That’s where I would start. If I had to do this all over again, and start from scratch, I wouldn’t be able to do what I described, because I wouldn’t have any customers to create products for yet.

David:  True.

Andrea:  So instead, I would have to start with this other strategy, and that is look for a thought leadership method that is innovative, and that stands out from the crowd that represents my values. Something that is not the same as everybody else and that is extraordinarily specific to a certain group of people. I call this standing for something. Standing for something bold and outrageous, sometimes a little bit provocative.

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