It’s probably no surprise to you that it’s becoming more difficult to capture the attention of prospective clients. Heck, isn’t it hard enough to keep the attention of your current clients, who are bombarded with advertising and competitor’s promotions each and every day?

Or once you finally get their attention, they say they’re “interested” in what you have to offer, but “want to think it over.”  Ouch!

And with the explosion social media and multi-tasking at both home and work, most prospects continue to tune-out all of the “noise” they see and hear in the form of advertising and promotional offers.

That’s why most professionals are extremely disappointed with the dismal results they see with these “new” marketing channels.

You may have already noticed this in your own business as it becomes harder and harder to motivate prospects or clients to act on — or even notice — your offers.

That is why one of the most effective ways to connect with prospective clients and get them to take action is through our five-step “expert interview” method.

You see, by engaging in an authentic, conversational interview — using our powerful five-step system — you can gain the attention and trust that is so vitally important to most every sales conversion process.


And on top of gaining your prospects trust and attention, you’ll also…

  • be seen as an authentic and powerful expert, without coming across as pushy or arrogant.
  • focus on the problems that matter most to your audience, not yourself or what you have to sell.
  • make sure that your audience feels like you understand them and their individual concerns.
  • grow your prospect list exponentially with every interview (creating a tribe of raving fans).
  • attract more paying clients and serve more people in this world (and make more money in the process).
  • create an automatic source of great content for blog-posts and video marketing (one of my secret techniques!).
  • make a more SIGNIFICANT impact and become better known (and leave a lasting legacy as a result).

Unfortunately, most traditional advertising is expensive, requires a significant investment of time, and doesn’t come close to delivering these types of results.

And while the new social media marketing is quick and often cheap, there’s typically little direct return on your investment.

I’m guessing you’ve probably already experienced this frustration — and you’re not the only one.  It’s a common problem across multiple industries.


The good news is that the Interviews with Experts™ method was specifically designed to overcome those problems, and includes much more effective techniques than most other short-lived advertising and promotional tactics!

If you’d like to learn more about how this works — without any obligation on your part — I’d be happy to answer any questions you have or discuss how we can help you and your business.  Click here to call or send an email!

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